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Lure and Reward

Lure and reward with a clicker to start with.

 Gains your Dogs attention allowing  you to Lure your dog to you to give  positive reinforce .

Making training  fun and happy for your dog as well as you.

    Positive reinforcement  is child friendly allowing your family pet  to follow commands for all of the family.

With a new puppy entering our home its important that we teach are the family to act in a reasonable manager towards our new member of the family.

  Puppy do not come pre trained they need consistency with all the family this includes children .

With Dog training its good for all of the family to learn which is a services that 5 star pets trainers  offer.

My back ground for over 15 years was working with children with Autism

I pride my self at working with children at a level they can understand  to learn how to treat a dog with respect and safely.

Allowing  all   your family to learn how to respect and manage your new puppy / Dog

 Teaching your dog all the commands he needs  to live a balanced life and be a enjoyable pet.

When a puppy is small and a sweat bundle of joy its easy to allow our emotions to let our guard done and let our puppy jump up .

To allow our puppy to break the boundaries , the small fact we often forget when we allow our hearts to rule rather then our head is in less then 6 months our beauiful funny puppy will now be a big strong dog that has started to become a Adolescence from to the age of 6 - 18 months.

A dog that will start to push the boundaries if we have  taught our Puppy in a positive reinforced way  in the early months we will  not have any behaviour problems in later life  .

For older dog that have teething problems with behaviour we can always teach with lure and reward.

At 5 star pets trainers  your dog will have an assessment to discuss what area's your dog has difficulties with each lesson your dog will have an individual lesson plan written with work for your to complete till the next lesson.

Lessons are planned for when you want them i work evenings and weekends to work around people's busy life's.

No dogs are turned away Rescue dogs are welcome patients is no problems with 5 star pets trainer all dog learn at different rates .

Dog that have been treated poorly in the past may take longer to train due to trust issues.


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