My routine was not broken at all.Jenny at ensured i had a great time i went out for long walks twice a day .

I even went out on day trips where jenny took plenty of photos of me.Each day Jenny took  photos of me so that she could send my family up dates  so that my family could relax on their holiday with out worrying about me.

This really eased my human brother mind that i was not fretting so he could go and play in the sunshine.

I was also  at ease that there were no other dogs whilst i was there.

At we will take up to three dogs from the same family we will come and meet you and your fur babies before your holiday so you can get to now us.

A all about me form  will be completed this asks questions about you dogs physical,mental and emotional  needs

as well as what support you need to have a good holiday from us.

We cater  for nervous dogs and dogs that are excitable we offer great value for money at £12.00 a day  a little more than the kennels in the area . Your   fur baby will have a  holiday filled with activities and plenty of attention and home comforts .

They will become part of the Manson family and treated with love dignity and respect we are not just a kennel  we are a warm and secure fun filled holiday retreat .You can speak to other people that have in trusted their fur baby with us

Hi there my name is Oscar my  Mummy and Daddy and Human brother where going away on holiday abroad .My family were extremely concerned about how i would cop in kennels.

 If i would  frett in a kennel i have lots of attention and time to play with my family at home .

My Mummy and Daddy had originally called as i was an excitable 

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little boy  who liked to give visitors a little to much love.I liked to talk a lot in the form of barking at most things.I soon became a well balanced boy after  helped me to learn to be balanced.

I was really happy to see Jenny again and soon found the toy box and a place for my bed.

At  Jenny came to my house before my holiday  to find out my routine what i liked to eat, my bed time what my favourite hobbies were.

 I  was allowed to bring what ever i liked all my important toys bed and bath tail.

I was so relieved that there was not a kennel in site.

Just a nice warm home like my Mummy and Daddies with a nice garden to relax and play  in .

 I was allowed on the sofa as i am at home all my rules i have at home still applied at  foster placement (i'm calling my holiday this as i was treated like their own son for my holiday).