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5starpetstrainer.com Dog Grooming

5starpetstrainer.com groomer  are qualified  and insured to complete full dog grooming. I have a wide range off grooming from introduction to  puppies to full grooming .

We are happy to come and cut your dogs nails in their home environment.

All our grooming is completing in  a home environment  in our new grooming room so there is no other dog interaction for owners of dogs that struggle with demands of other dogs  or  busy places. we pride our self's on making the experience a pleasurable experience for you dog a real home from home.

Taking the demands of other dogs away for nervous dogs we do not charge any more in in fact  we have great value for money. I am happy to pre meet your dog before their grooming session

Our grooming  room  smells of lavender to relax your dog with relaxing psychoacoustically 

music to relax to. As dogs noses are 400 times more sensitive to smell  then us humans we want your dog to enjoy the smell. With 5starpetstrainer.com we spend quality time with your dogs grooming session allow extra time for kisses and cuddles as well a nice break in the garden for a toilet .

All owners will be asked to complete a health assessment before we start grooming your fur baby.

I like to pre meet your dog to help ensure they are comfortable with me . At 5starpetstrainer.com  we do not run like a parlour  with a waiting room for your pet or any crates with dog waiting .We spread our appointments out to allow your dog to have space once he /she is completed.

I have a wide range of shampoos for you to choose from 

​5star Pets Trainer.com Dog Grooming Shampoo



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