5 star pets trainer was started as I   wanted to make a personal change to how dogs are taught .

At 5star pets trainer.com we offer many different  positive reinforcement dog training program.

Puppy training teaching our young puppies the rules of managers from the start of their lives to allow them to grow to be well mannered dogs.

Education programmes for children to learn how to treat a puppy /dog with respect .

How to care for your puppy /Dog.

Puppy training can start from when your puppy comes to live with  you as I come to your home to  complete your training in your home .

Children are more than welcome at these training sessions. I work 7 days a week so appointments are available  for families that work shift work

My previous back ground before being a qualified dog trainer and puppy trainer  was a team leader working in the social care system with children who have autism and complex needs I also work with children with special need's to teach them how to communicate and treat their dog with kindness.

Positive reinforcement  Dog training works on the method of lure and Reward often starting with a clicker and some tasty treats which will follow on by praise and strokes are dogs and puppy's respond to yummy treats and kindness.

I work with dog that have emotional  problems constant barking - over excitement -pulling on lead separation  anxiety disorder .

On a  1-2-1 bases positive reinforcement training lure and reward(treats and clicker) Dog training 

The process with Dogs that have behaviour issues will start an assessment this also allows owner to debrief as they have often been to embarrassed to contact any one to ask for help.

I am none judgement trainer the first step is to contact me  seriously do not worry we can  deal with your pet .As part of the services you will get emotional support.

You will have personal  individual lesson plans to meet your dogs needs all positive reinforced training will be completed in your own home  around times that are convent to you .

My rates are affordable there is a £5.00 deposit which is none refundable if you need to cancel.

I also work with Rescue dogs that need more patients due often due to their fear of humans and past experiences .

I also work with Dogs on an intense courses where I will come to you are your dog can come to mine 

 for specialized behaviours.

A visit before is more then welcome



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