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basic puppy training

Behaviour problems started off as boarding homes for people that needed a

holiday but for many reasons did not wish to have their family pet in a traditional

kennel setting.

As time has grown we then  wondered what other dogs needs we could meet.

I wanted to answer the question what makes a good dog trainer

The answer for me was 

Yes I want a trainer that can train my dog but I wanted more then that.

I wanted a trainer who could relate to me emotionally be there if I  am

having a stressful day with my fur baby.

I wanted individual lesson plans for my fur baby .

I also wanted lessons that I could fit in a round my family life as well as work

commitments. For theses reasons I work over a 7 day period FROM EARLY


An assessment of your dogs needs are  completed before we start training   this

allows you time to meet with me as does your dog.

If your happy both you and your dog then training starts around your commits,

your will have your lesson plans and home work.

You will have direct contact with me there is no need to wait till your next

appointment if you need help or support .

We then decided to make treats as our own dog suffers from stomach issues and

could only eat certain  foods.

All our recipes have been lab tested in line with eu laws.

And have passed trading standards at the moment we have mint oats and cheese

delight oats.

Along the way I came  across many owners that had dog that needed grooming

but could not cope with the demands of a grooming parlour .

This would causes them great distress which was why I decided to take a

grooming courses so that the dogs could have a grooming experience with out

seeing other dogs and being over loaded with to many demands.