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I am fully police checked and insured  Dog trainer and puppy trainer enjoy the work I complete with puppy's and dogs. My ethos is under pinned on POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TRAINING. Shaping the way our dogs acts    in a positive way.

Lure and reward is fun for the dog and puppy and fun for the owner teaching .

A clicker is used with treats which with progress will be reduced a favourite toy or a stroke .

I'm patient and caring I  have a back ground in complex needs and care.

At 5starpetstrainer.com we also run Educational training sessions for children to teach how to   take care for a dog/how to treat a dog with Respect.

This is important  as Puppy's will often react of children's behaviour  if a child is over excited then the puppy will also become over excited which can lead to unwanted  actions.

Specialist courses for children with special need's dog kindness awareness my back ground before becoming a dog trainer was in social care with autism and complex need's.

As a positive reinforcement dog trainer I am also there to support the owner I often get calls of people that have tried to cope with a juvenile dog with   behaviour issues they  can longer  cope with  often causes problem with in the family dynamics .

Some people feel embarrassed off making the call ,don't feel embarrassed i am here to help and liken and support I am none judgemental. 5star pets trainer.com gives you the option to come  to me or I come and work in your home environment /street  .

1-2-1 Dog training allows you the flexibility  to choose a time that fits in with your busy live I work days evenings and weekends.



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To support you in your learning journey.

I will contact you between classes for support you , to find out how your dog training is going you will receive  personal  lesson support plans  weekly aimed at you r dogs need's.

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My  mission is simple:

To give you the best skills to teach your puppy with lure and reward training .

To help teach you through positive reinforcement training with a click and rewards to manage and change the pattern of your dogs behaviour.

To support you build your confidence again to allow you to be a strong loving dog owner.